Mr Tan’s cut-throat proposal left many shaking their heads in disbelief and drew a slew of comments testing his logic

Singaporean businessman and social activist Tan Kin Lian has recently drawn sarcasm from netizens after publishing a blatant proposition to stop testing foreign workers in order to lower the Covid-19 count in Singapore. Lost for words, many Singaporeans resorted to commenting on Mr Tan’s post with sarcastic remarks. One even suggested giving Mr Tan a Harvard scholarship.

Mr Tan on Monday (May 18) took to Facebook to publish a short but impactful post regarding the Covid-19 situation in Singapore. To him, the solution is simple–stop testing foreign workers.

With the Government scrambling to get a handle on one of Singapore’s most at-risk groups, recent testing initiatives have been taken in order to control the virus in the notoriously cramped dormitories which house migrant workers. Since the Covid-19 virus revealed the horrible living conditions in the foreign dormitories, many Singaporeans have expressed solidarity with the vulnerable minority group, and news of citizens extending acts of kindness to the workers have been circulating on the internet. An example would be a woman who had S$100 worth of food delivered to Bangladeshi workers.- Advertisement –

In stark contrast to such empathetic sentiments, Mr Tan added “Even my grand daughter knows it,” to his post.

Mr Tan’s cut-throat proposal left many shaking their heads and resorting to commenting with sarcasm in response to his post. While some tried testing his logic with rather humorous applications, others sarcastically teased that he should be given a scholarship for proposing such a groundbreaking idea.